10 Reasons Why You Need A Mouse Pad For Gaming?

If you are planning to buy a gaming mouse or want to get into competitive gaming then one question may come into your mind whether you really need a mousepad for gaming. Also, do mousepads matter for gaming?

Actually, during gaming mousepad matters a lot and especially while you are doing competitive gaming. Following are the reasons why you really need a gaming mouse pad:

Wait, if you don’t have a gaming mouse and want to buy one then 11 important things you need to consider for a gaming mouse.

10 Reasons Why You Need A Mouse Pad For Gaming?

10 Reasons Why You Need A Mouse Pad For Gaming?

1. Get Better Tracking:

Mouse pads have a flat and equal surface so that the sensor can easily track the movement with high accuracy. The accuracy of the mouse is really very important while you’re playing MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) or FPS (First Person Shooter) games because, during this kind of gaming, the movement needs to be very accurate.

For instance, games like Overwatch or CS: GO, where an even surface allows you to move with accuracy and also has proper control over crosshair. On the other side, if you don’t use a mousepad and the surface is uneven then you may miss the target and lose the game.

2. Prevent From Scratches On Your Desk:

Prevent From Scratches On Your Desk

Using the mouse without a mousepad on the table will make permanent scratches over a period of time where you move the mouse.

Due to the scratches, your gaming desk doesn’t look appealing and especially if it has a painted surface.

So, to prevent from this situation it is good to get a gaming mouse pad. It doesn’t matter that you need to buy an expensive mousepad only but you can go with a cheap gaming mousepad also. Both mousepads will save your desk from scratch and give you a better gaming experience.

3. Several Surface Options To Choose From:

If you are using a mouse on a gaming desk then you have only one single surface option. But if you want different surface options which give the perfect glides for your gaming and also suit your style then using a mousepad that makes sense.

These days you’ll get a mouse pad with different materials like made with plastic, cloth fabric, glass, aluminum, etc. Each of these mousepads will give you a different feel while gaming, so choose the one which is suitable according to your gaming needs.

4. Maintain Pointer Precision:

As I have already said that using a mouse on a desk without a mousepad can develop scratches over a period of time and due to this during gaming when you move your mouse on the desk the surface will be inconsistent.

But while you’re using a mousepad you’ll get a consistent surface that keeps friction constant and helps to predict how far you can move your mouse when applying force.

With inconsistent friction, maintaining pointer accuracy can’t be easy, the reason is that you can’t be able to start and stop the mouse with precision.

5. Give Comfort For Your Wrists:

Give Comfort For Your Wrists

Using a mouse without a mousepad on the desk’s hard surface can cause irritation and strain to your wrist after playing games for a long.

So, to prevent this situation, one of the best options is to buy a soft cloth gaming mouse pad which is more comfortable so that your wrists can’t get continuously stressed on a hard surface.

There are some mouse pads available in the market have a squishy wrist rest to give some more support to the wrists. But the comfort level of the wrist rest may vary on the thickness and material which is used.

6. Increase The Lifespan Of Mouse Feet:

Without a using mousepad on the desk, the mouse creates scratches and bumps which makes the surface rough. So, this is not good for your mouse feet because it causes them to wear out quickly because of high friction and you’ll also need to change before time.

It is very important to prevent your mouse feet from wearing out because it helps to minimize friction so that your mouse can glide smoothly and effortlessly. So, one of the best way to increase the mouse feet lifespan is to use a mouse pad.

In addition, if you’ll use your mouse without a mousepad on the wooden desk it makes some noise when you move or drag the mouse. So, also to prevent from noise, using a mousepad makes sense.

7. Using A Mouse Pad With A Optical Mouse:

Well, an optical mouse doesn’t work on reflective or shiny surfaces like glass. That’s why if you are planning to buy an optical mouse and use it on a glass then make sure that you’ll surely need a gaming mouse mat.

8. Using A Mouse Pad With A Laser Mouse:

Actually, laser mouse work on all kinds of solid surfaces without any problem. But still, you need to use it to protect your gaming desk surface from scratches, better tracking, increase the lifespan of mouse feet, and mainly give comfort to your wrist.

9. Using a Large Mouse Pad For Gaming:

It is not required to have a large mouse pad if you are able to play games comfortably with your mouse which is set to a high DPI or if your mouse pad doesn’t limit your mouse movement.

In case, during gaming, if you find your hand reaching the edges of the mouse pad then definitely need to go for a large mousepad or if you want to keep your keyboard and mouse to be on an equal level.

10. Extra Features:

Extra Features

There are many high-end gaming mouse pads available in the market that offer some amazing features which are the following:

  • USB Port – High end gaming mouse pad comes with some USB port options so you can connect a USB device into the mousepad itself, so you don’t need to connect a USB device to your laptop/desktop, thus it frees up USB ports on your gaming laptop/desktop.
  • RGB Lighting – It allows you to customize and sync the mousepad RGB lighting according to your gaming or other gaming peripherals.
  • Wireless Charging – This is also an interesting feature which allows you to charge your mobile phone, AirPods, wireless gaming mouse, or any other device by simply putting it on the mousepad. This is how you don’t need to worry about the battery life of your devices because of this wireless charging feature.to the next level.

All these features are not mainly required but it is added just for your convenience and it takes your overall gaming experience to the next level.

Final Verdict

So, these are the top 10 reasons why you need a mouse pad for gaming and I hope that this guide would have helped you out to understand why you need a mousepad.

Well, a gaming mousepad will not make you a better gamer but it is required for gaming. After going through this article, now you know that it helps for better tracking and pointer accuracy. Also, it prevents you from the permanent scratch on your gaming desk.

In addition, if you’ll go with a mousepad made of cloth fabric then your wrist will get a comfortable gaming experience without any strain. If here I have missed out something related to why you need a gaming mousepad then please let me know, I will definitely add it here in this article and it will help out to many.