What Else Can You Use A Gaming Laptop For? (8 Main Uses)

Are you planning to purchase a brand new laptop but wondering whether a gaming laptop would be suitable for you depending on your usage? So, if you are stuck in the same situation then this article would be helpful for you. Here in this article, you’ll get to know what else you can use a gaming laptop for.

A gaming laptop is a perfect desktop replacement option which is mainly designed to run graphics intensive games and apps. All the gaming laptops have a high end processor, dedicated graphics card, SSD storage, cooling system, and RGB backlit keyboard.

The high-end hardware components make gaming laptops different from normal laptops. Actually, gaming laptops are the perfect portable version of gaming desktops for those who love to gaming on the go. As a gaming DNA inside it has packed a lot of power and also can easily carry around with you in a laptop backpack to eSports events, LAN parties, or even work.

What Else Can You Use A Gaming Laptop For?

1. Video Editing:

Video Editing - What Else Can You Use A Gaming Laptop For?

A gaming laptop is a perfect companion for video editing because it has a powerful processor, ample RAM, a dedicated graphics card, SSD storage, and a cooling system which save your laptop from overheating and handles tasks easily.

It can run all the popular video editings apps such as Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and many more.

2. Graphic Design:

Graphic Design - What Else Can You Use A Gaming Laptop For?

Next, it can handle all the CPU and GPU intensive graphics designing apps such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, etc., with an ample amount of RAM.

Usually, all gaming laptops meet the minimum system requirements of this software and therefore gaming laptops are the best option for graphics designers and digital artists.

3. Engineering Students:

Engineering Students - What Else Can You Use A Gaming Laptop For?

Gaming laptops are also a perfect match for engineering and art students, especially those who are in animation and film streams, who need to use intensive designs and simulation apps.

4. Programming:

Programming - What Else Can You Use A Gaming Laptop For?

Because of the powerful hardware components inside, gaming laptops can easily handle light programming such as mobile and web applications, also heavy programming which includes game development and engineering.

5. 3D Applications:

3D Applications - What Else Can You Use A Gaming Laptop For?

If you are working on heavy applications like AutoCAD, 3Ds Max, MotionBuilder, Blender, or any other apps which require it to be a mobile then a gaming laptop is one of the best options.

If the battery life is your primary concern then a gaming laptop is not for you because its powerful hardware components eat up the battery faster compared to normal regular laptops and eventually we’ll get poor battery life.

6. Video Streaming:

Video Streaming

When it comes to streaming games online then gaming laptops would be an ideal option to stream on Twitch, Beam, Mixer, Netflix, YouTube, etc.

As I have already said that gaming laptops are the perfect desktop replacement option and it can easily match the system requirement which is needed for streaming games online.

Moreover, if the cooling system of a gaming laptop not working properly then during streaming your system will get overheat over a period of time and also there is a chance of premature hardware failure.

7. Virtual Reality (VR):

Virtual Reality

A gaming laptop with high end processor, ample RAM, and a dedicated graphics card can easily run HTC Vice, Oculus Rift, and many other VR headsets easily.

Along with a powerful CPU and GPU, it also has a Display port, HDMI, and USB ports to connect VR headsets.

Before you purchase your gaming laptop to run VR then make sure it has a minimum of an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, GTX 1070 or RTX series GPU, HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB ports.

8. Everyday Use:

Everyday Use - What Else Can You Use A Gaming Laptop For?

Well, because of the powerful specs inside the gaming laptops, you can use them for everyday tasks apart from gaming such as web browsing, watching videos, using MS Office, and anything that you could do on a normal laptop.

Moreover, due to the high-end processor and ample RAM, gaming laptops are much better and powerful than normal laptops. However, because of the powerful specs you can run multiple programs at a time and it can handle it with ease without facing lagging or freezing issues.

Actually, using a gaming laptop for everyday tasks means you won’t be utilizing the full power or pushing the hardware to its maximum limit. This is why it can handle all the day to day tasks very easily without breaking a sweat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Upgrade My Gaming Laptop?

All gaming laptops provide the empty slot option to upgrade the storage and RAM. Many of you might be thinking that why not for processor and graphics card so here I want to tell you that it is not possible because it is permanently soldered onto the motherboard.

This is why when you are going to purchase a new gaming laptop make sure to buy a laptop with a powerful processor and graphics card than with more RAM and storage space.

Why Gaming Laptops Are So Expensive?

Now you know that gaming laptops have powerful hardware components and this is why it can be a little expensive as compared to regular normal laptops. For buying a gaming laptop you need to spend anywhere around $800 to $4000 as per your need and budget.

However, there are some high end gaming laptops such as ASUS ROG mothership and Acer Predator 21X cost more than $5000. Actually, the pricing of gaming laptops is determined by the hardware components installed inside, build quality, and the level of customization options.

Final Verdict

I hope that after going through this article now the term called Gaming Laptop will doesn’t confuse you like it is used for gaming only. However, it can also be good to use for everyday computing like for internet browsing, taking notes, using MS Office, etc.

Well, gaming laptops come with all the components which you’ll get in a normal regular laptop. The only difference you’ll find inside both the laptops is the internals, in gaming laptops processors and graphics cards are more powerful and advanced as compared to the normal laptops and this is why they can easily handle all the demanding tasks like games and apps. 

So, that’s it from my side. Still, if you have any queries or if I have missed something to add here then feel free to contact me via below comment box.