How To Turn Your Normal Laptop Into A Gaming Laptop?

As we all know that gaming laptops are expensive compared to normal laptops and that’s why planning to go for a gaming PC. But there are many of you who might be wondering that can I turn my normal laptop into a gaming laptop without spending too much money.

So, the answer to this question is Yes, you can do that by doing a few things which can give a boost without spending a fortune. By doing some hardware and software upgrades you can simply transform your normal laptop into a gaming laptop which will allow you to run all the latest games on your machine without any kind of issues.

Here in this article, we will see what are the things that you need to upgrade in your normal laptop to transform it into a dedicated gaming laptop. So, let’s get started.

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Things You Need To Upgrade To Turn Your Normal Laptop Into A Gaming Laptop

Here in this section, we will discuss what parts you need to upgrade in your laptop to turn your normal laptop into a gaming laptop. Without further ado let’s take a look.

1. Add/Upgrade A Dedicated Graphics Card:

Add/Upgrade A Dedicated Graphics Card

Firstly, a dedicated graphics card is one of the most important parts in any gaming laptop or gaming PC.

If you have a normal laptop then it comes with integrated graphics which can’t be able to handle high graphics games and this is why a dedicated graphics card is required.

Incase, in your normal laptop, has a basic graphics card then it is good to upgrade to a powerful graphics card which can be able to handle gaming on your machine.

If you have knowledge regarding the add or upgrade hardware then you can easily add or upgrade on your laptop. But if you have no idea then it is good to go to your laptop’s nearest service center.

Note:- In some laptops, you can’t be able to add a graphics card internally and in that case, you need to install an external graphics card.
  • Actually, there are different types of external graphics cards is available for laptops. The first one is a USB graphics card which is generally less expensive as compared to the full sized graphics card but at the same time it is less powerful.
  • The second one is Thunderbolt 3 graphics card dock and it is also called as eGPUs.

The Thunderbolt 3 graphics card dock is more expensive compared to the USB type graphics card but as I have already said that the Thunderbolt 3 dock offers good performance. On top of that, the Thunderbolt 3 dock also offers options to connect your laptop to a monitor or TV, which is good if you like to play games on a big screen size.

In case if in your laptop it has a dedicated graphics card then you can overclock it to improve the performance. But to do this, you need to have the proper knowledge and do that properly step by step.

Before you try to overclock your laptop’s graphics card first take proper knowledge of that and then try it. Also, before you try to overclock, take a backup of your data for a safer side and then make any changes.

  • If the graphics card overclocks thing can’ do properly then it can be overheating and may burn the graphics card too. So, this is why it is advisable for you if you have proper knowledge then only perform this otherwise don’t do that by yourself.
  • Only a good GPU is not enough to turn your normal laptop into a gaming laptop but needs to have a similar powerful CPU too.

2. Upgrade Processor/CPU:

Upgrade Processor/CPU

After the GPU, the processor/CPU is another major part of any gaming laptop.

So, this is why if you want to play the latest high graphics games then definitely you’ll need a powerful processor which can handle that games very well.

This is why if you want to get the best gaming performance you need to upgrade your laptop processor.

Actually, this is a little bit complicated as compared to upgrading the graphics card but still, it is possible.

There are two ways to upgrade the processor, the first one is to purchase a new one and the second one is to overclock the existing one.

If you are planning to purchase a new CPU then the first thing you need to make sure that your laptop’s motherboard is compatible with that CPU.

In case the CPU and motherboard are compatible with each other then you’ll need to install them properly because it is a little bit tricky. But the main thing is that if you are ready to take this challenge then it is worth it.

Like the GPU, if you want to overclock your laptop’s existing CPU then there are a few important things that you need to consider. It is advisable that before you try to overclock the CPU first make sure that you know all the step properly.

Actually, this is not an easy task like upgrading your laptop’s graphics card or RAM but the thing is that once you upgrade the CPU you’ll definitely notice the improvement in performance.

3. Upgrade RAM:

Upgrade RAM

After the GPU and CPU, RAM is also an important part of gaming laptops and the best thing is that it is easy to upgrade.

Once you upgrade this, you’ll get smoother and faster gaming performance without any lagging issues.

If you don’t have a knowledge of how much RAM you need then 8GB is perfectly good for starting but to be future proof 16GB of RAM is always a better option.

If you have already planned to upgrade your laptop’s CPU and GPU then it is good to go with 16GB or 32GB RAM which makes your laptop perfectly a future proof device.

Note:-These days most laptops come with an extra empty slot for upgrading RAM which makes this task very easier.

4. Upgrade To SSD:

Upgrade To SSD

These days you’ll get to see two kinds of storage such as HDD and SSD. The SSD comes with a new technology which is faster than the HDD drive.

If you have recently bought a laptop then there is a chance your laptop has an SSD if it has then it is good otherwise you need to upgrade it.

After the CPU, GPU, and RAM, now you need to upgrade the storage from HDD to SSD drive for getting better gaming performance.

Before you purchase an SSD drive first you need to check whether it is compatible with your laptop or not. If it is compatible then you need to install it properly in your laptop but if you don’t know how to do that then go to your nearest service center or check online video tutorials.

As I have already said that the SSD works faster than normal hard disk drives and it will give a performance boost. But at the same time, it is expensive also compared to the HDD drive. So, it is up to you whether the performance boost is worth it some extra cost or not.

5. Optimize Your Laptop Settings:

Once you have done all the required hardware upgrades after that you’ll need to optimize your laptop’s settings for playing games.

Let’s talk about what setting you’ll need to change to optimize. So, firstly you’ll need to change the power settings, and for that, you have to open Control Panel and choose “Power Options” and then select “High Performance“.

After that, you’ll need to disable other power saving options which might be enabled by default. Because it can affect your laptop’s performance and eventually your gaming experience too.

Next thing, you will need to check that your laptop’s screen is set to its native resolution. Actually, most of the latest high-graphics games looks good when it is running on high resolution and this is why you’ll need to check that your laptop is capable of that.

To change the screen resolution you need to right-click on your laptop screen and choose “Display Settings“. Once it is open choose the highest resolution option from the list which supports your laptop.

6. Buy A Laptop Cooling Pad:

Buy A Laptop Cooling Pad

When you are playing games on your laptop and want to keep the system cool it is good to use a laptop cooling pad. Because it helps to dissipate heat and keep your laptop cool.

If you are planning to overclock your CPU and GPU for a performance boost then the system will start to heat up. In this case, if the system doesn’t have proper ventilation for cooling then it may damage the internals.

So, this is advisable for you to use a powerful cooling pad because it will save your laptop from overheating and gives you lag free gaming experience.

Final Verdict

Finally, we are reached at the end of the article of how to turn your normal laptop into a gaming laptop. I hope that after going through this article you have got a clear idea about that. As here in this post, I have tried my best to provide clear insights for the hardware upgrades.

I hope that you liked this post and do let me know if you have any kind of confusion I would be happy to help you out.