How To Keep Gaming Laptop Cool While Gaming? (8 Easy Ways)

If you have bought a new gaming laptop then it will be hit but not that much compared to the old gaming laptop will be. However, if you have a new gaming laptop or an old one, you should try to keep it cool because if it’s getting too much hot then there is a chance it can damage the internals also.

If you are a gamer then you will be familiar with overheating because it is a common issue in gaming laptops. As we all know gaming laptops have a powerful hardware configuration and this is the reason it generates more heat as compared to normal laptops.

This is the main reason I have created this guide which will help you to cool down your gaming laptop. Here I have shared some tips which are very basic which you can easily do that to keep your gaming laptop cool. Also, after going through this article you will get an idea of what should you do and don’t to avoid overheating issues.

When your gaming laptop starts to get overheated, you may face lagging issues and regularly, if your gaming laptop is overheating then it will reduce its lifespan also.

So, if you don’t want to face this problem then follow the below given tips which I have mentioned. So, without any further delay let’s get started with this guide on how to keep a gaming laptop cool while gaming.

How To Keep Gaming Laptop Cool While Gaming

1. Place The Laptop On A Flat/Hard Surface

Place The Laptop On A Flat/Hard Surface

There are many of us who have a habit to gets used to a laptop on our bed, cushions, lap, etc., but this is not the best practice.

The reason is that every laptop has an air intake at the bottom and if it’s blocked then it could be having an issue of overheating. As a result, it can damage your laptop’s hardware also.

So, that’s why it’s recommended to use your laptop on a flat or hard surface so air can flow properly and cool down the components. But still, if you want to use your laptop on your bed then there is an option, you need to spend some money on buying a Lap desk, which is easily available online.

2. Cleaning The Laptop Air Pathways Regularly

Cleaning The Laptop Air Pathways Regularly

After using it for a few months, it starts to attract dust and debris which can block the air intake and exhaust vents, this is one of the common reasons for overheating laptops.

This is why you need to clean the vents regularly and also make sure that the vents are not blocked.

Many experts recommend cleaning the laptop from the inside by visiting a service center or any professional once a year. They will clean your laptop and also do some normal laptop checkups to know whether everything is working fine or not.

In this checkup, there is a chance they might also get some other reason apart from dust, which can cause overheating of your gaming laptop.

3. Check The Fans Are Working Properly And Not Faulty

Check The Fans Are Working Properly And Not Faulty

Well, the fans are one of the most important factors when it comes to overheating a laptop.

If your gaming laptop is overheating than usual, firstly you need to check whether your laptop fans are working or not.

For instance, if you are doing heavy gaming and under a heavy load, if the laptop fans are silent, or if you don’t feel that fans are running.

So, in this case, the might be fans faulty or there is a chance it might be some software-related issue which can cause this issue. If you face overheating issue then I suggest you to go your nearest service center to solve this issue because if this issue persists then it may damage any internal components.

4. Close Unnecessary Programs

Using multiple apps at a time uses lots of power from the internal components like CPU, GPU, etc., eventually, the laptop gets started to overheat. Sometimes, we open many apps and files then we do not close them even though we are not using them. Due to this, it starts to drain the laptop’s battery, and as result, the laptop overheats.

This is why experts recommend to closing the apps which are not in use, so by doing this your laptop’s battery life will improve and the internals will remain cool.

5. Optimize The Game Settings

Playing games on higher graphics settings makes your game playing very enjoyable. But if your gaming laptop’s dedicated graphics card is not powerful enough to run that games at higher settings then you won’t be able to enjoy the gameplay as much as you want.

On top of that, due to this your gaming laptop will have immense pressure on the graphics cards to run these games and it becomes hot. This is also one of the reasons to overheat gaming laptops. So, it is advisable to don’t keep the graphics settings on a high level, but keep it at a low to medium graphics setting or which is suitable for your gaming laptop.

6. Try To Use Your Gaming Laptop In A Cool Environment

The outer environment also affects your laptop performance. Like, in the Summer the laptops generally heat up more than in Winter because the outside heat makes the room temperature up.

Also, avoid using your laptop in direct sunlight because it can overheat your laptop. In summer, try to use your laptop in an air-conditioned room so it prevents you from this overheating issues.

7. Reapplying The Thermal Paste

Reapplying The Thermal Paste

If you are a newbie gamer then you might not know what a Thermal paste is. So, the Thermal paste is a substance which is used on the laptop’s internal components such as the CPU and GPU.

This Thermal paste is in the form of a paste and it helps to take heat away from the CPU and the GPU. What it does, it transfers the heat away from the processing units into the heat-sink of the laptop, which keeps the gaming machine from overheating.

However, if you bought a gaming laptop a few years back then the thermal paste loses its effectiveness gradually over time, and as a result, it can’t be able to dissipate heat properly. Thus, the laptop starts to get overheat.

So, to work thermal paste properly then you need to remove the old thermal paste and re-apply the new one every 3 to 4 years on the laptop’s graphics card and processor. Actually, this is a good practice for improving heat dissipation and is also very helpful for keeping the laptop cool during heavy gaming.

8. Buy A Laptop Cooling Pad

Buy A Laptop Cooling Pad

Last but not the least, if your gaming laptop is not been able to cool down the system itself then you need to spend some money on buying a laptop cooling pad to cool down your laptop.

There are different types of cooling pads are available in the market which come with one in-built large fan while others come with multiple smaller fans.

These cooling pads blow air into your laptop’s air vents which are placed at the bottom of your laptop and it increases the airflow inside the laptop. As a result, air circulation improves inside and thus it keeps the laptop cool.

Final Verdict

Well, these are the top 8 tips which will help you to keep your gaming laptop cool while gaming. So, while you are playing games just keep in mind these tips to avoid overheating issues.

Overheating is one of the common issues in gaming laptops or any laptops which has inside powerful configuration. Due to this, it generates lots of hits during heavy workloads. But it doesn’t mean that you tend to buy a new gaming laptop just because of overheating issues. You just need to try one of the above fixes which can help you in this situation.

Still, if you have any queries, you can feel free to let me know in the comment section down below, and I will definitely help you out.