How To Clean Your Laptop Screen, Keyboard, And Hardware?

If you are someone who eats, sleeps, and lives with their laptops, you need to take extra care of all its components. It might look clean to you, but it sure isn’t. Whether you bought it a month ago or a year ago, collect your cleaning supplies and get started with cleaning the screen, keyboard, and hardware.

You can find layers of dust on your screen that have been left uncleaned for months now. In fact, the keyboard you are currently typing on might have chunks of food particles under the keys that you can never physically reach through your bare hands.

Moreover, if your laptop has been running slow, there is a high chance that the hardware has layers of dust on it that often go unnoticed.

But that does not have to be the case anymore. So, we have created this detailed guide that covers every step you need to take to clean your laptop.

How To Clean Your Laptop Screen, Keyboard, And Hardware?

1. Clean The Laptop Screen

Step 1: Shut Down And Unplug The System

Firstly, make sure you have shut down the system and unplugged all the wires.

Also, take proper care that any device connected to your laptops, such as a mouse, printer, or speakers is disconnected and removed from the site.

Furthermore, it does not matter whether your system is charged or not. Hence, it is better to also remove the charging plug as well and be free from wires.

Step 2: Wipe The Screen With A Moist Cloth

Next, you need to get a cleaning kit or moist cloth from a nearby store. Or else, there are multiple ecommerce stores where you can purchase these items at a discounted price. Make sure they are of the best quality as reviewed by other customers.

The best one we use to clean our laptop screen is the Screen Cleaner Spray which serves multiple purposes and also includes a microfiber cloth. Try reading the manual before using it once you get hold of the kit.

You can then gently spray the cleaner on the screen and then simply use the microfiber cloth to wipe it. Make sure you do not use water or any other solution for the same since the cleaner serves the greater purpose.

2. Clean The Keyboard

Once you are done cleaning the screen properly, either let it dry or wipe it off with a dry microfiber cloth.

Now, let’s move on to cleaning the keyboard.

Step 1: Unplug The Wires

The first step here will be disconnecting the wires to the system. Make sure your charger is not plugged into the system.

Using the liquid cleaner while connected to the energy supply might is not the best way to go. It also applies to anyone using an external keyboard. You need to disconnect it before you start cleaning it.

Step 2: Grab The Keyboard Cleaner Kit

Similar to what we looked for to clean the screen, you can also buy a cleaner for the keyboard. You can simply buy this amazing cleaner gel on certain ecommerce sites by ColorCoral, which is super easy to use and helps clean off the dust between your keys faster.

Similarly, you can also buy a Compressed Air Duster that comes with a mini vacuum cleaner that can clean in between the keys and is also perfect for car seats and more. It can be charged directly from your laptop with a USB cable. Other than this, you can even find a Cleaning Kit that has multiple cleaning brushes to clean the dust from the keyboard.

Step 3: Wipe Off The Dirt and Particles

Now, it’s time to use all of these tools to wipe and clean the dirt from the keyboard. You can start off with the brush and remove any dust that is visible to you on the keyboard. Similarly, you can also choose to use the Air Duster or Vacuum cleaner to remove the dust beneath the keys that you cannot reach.

The Cleaner Gel is just another excellent tool that can be used by anyone hassle-free and instantly grabs the dust from the keyboard. Again, you can read the manual to learn more about how you can use them.

3. Clean The Internal Hardware

You might not be aware, but your laptop’s hardware is just as dusty from the inside as it is from the outside. If you are facing the problem of overheating, it is because the fan might be dirty and full of dirt. So, we need to clean the hardware as well.

Step 1: Disassemble the Components

Now, this step might seem like a huge task, but you can surely make it happen. Here you need to first remove the back panel of your laptop with the help of a proper screwdriver. Don’t worry about harming any of the components; you can simply follow the way we have mentioned here.

Once you remove the back panel, you can choose to remove the battery and detach the wires very carefully. If you are not too sure how you can do this, it is better to go through a video tutorial on YouTube, and it might work fine.

Step 2: Use the Compressed Air Duster or Vaccum Cleaner

You might have purchased a small vacuum cleaner or a brush kit to clean the keyboard. You can use it to remove dust from your hardware as well. Simply turn on the vacuum and then use it over the components. It works perfectly to clear the dirt effectively.

Make sure you buy a rechargeable Cleaner so that you can use it again and again. You can find multiple such tools on the web if you still haven’t got one at an affordable price.

Step 3: Clean The Hardware Components

Lastly, we will try to remove the dust and dirt from these components. Make sure you do not use too much force with the wires and the other hardware. Especially if you are not a technician and have no idea how to handle them

Gently use the cleaner on the fan and dry, removing the dust particles from it. Once done, you can also use the microfiber cloth and the brush to wipe off the leftovers where the vacuum cannot reach.

Furthermore, try cleaning the motherboard, storage unit, battery, etc., only with the microfiber cloth or a brush. Do not use any cleaning liquid as it can damage these hardware parts.

Final Verdict

Here we are, with everything you need to know about the steps to clean your laptop screen, keyboard, and hardware. Now, wiping off the external parts is not a huge deal and can be done pretty easily by anyone. But if you are not an expert, cleaning the hardware and removing the back panel can be difficult.

You can take help from a friend, or the best way is to visit a local store nearby that can help you clean the hardware. Furthermore, the steps mentioned above are very beginner-friendly, and you are not required to take any drastic measures. If at all you have any questions, feel free to shoot in the comment sections below.